Grill & Cheer


THE TRADEMARK OF GRILL & CHEER - BALANCED BARBECUE SECRET RECIPE  Grill & Cheer inspire our diners to enjoy a BBQ dinner in Korean - Japanese style while yet maintaining a healthy balance and creating a dining place for socializing. Selective ingredients: Grill & Cheer consistently prioritizes the best meat proportions to serve customers, with the fat ratio being especially important to guarantee that every meat slice remains soft and nutritious  when grilling. Fruit sauce: Grill & Cheer always maintains and improves all of our seasoning sauces, which are also our brand's pride. Variety of the self-buffet counter: In addition to the menu's more than 72 barbecue meals and hot pot, Grill & Cheer serves more than 40 self-service dishes that change daily.
The self-service counter caters to every customer's eating needs with panchan (vegetable side dishes like as kimchi, salad, and so on), sushi, fresh food, hot meals such as soup, desserts, fried dishes, and ice cream. Balanced barbecue: The balance also comes from green vegetables, juicy fruits that help you end your palate with freshness and fiber - the best accomplice for barbecue -holics. Restaurant space: All of the Grill & Cheer locations are in urban, peppy, and populous areas, such as large cities or shopping malls.
However, even before you enter our restaurants, you will notice the warmth and spaciousness in which you will be able to enjoy your lunch. With modern furniture and dining table designs with high back cushions, you will instantly feel enough privacy to enjoy your Korean-Japanese standardized barbecue-hot pot dinner. Grill & Cheer takes pleasure in providing a dining area for connecting. Grill & Cheer also has a great place for exciting birthday and celebration parties, as well as privacy and other party-booking promotions. Our restaurant also have various buffet menus for customers: Menu 189.000 VND: Include 24 barbecue-dish menu + 36 self-buffet dishes Menu 269.000 VND: Include 35 barbecue-dish and hot-pot menu + 36 self-buffet dishes Menu 319.000 VND: Include 41 barbecue-dish and hot-pot menu+ 36 self-buffet dishes


Thứ 2 - Thứ 6: 09:30 - 22:00; Thứ 7 & CN: 09:00 - 22:00


Store location: L3_10